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Welcome to Hap's Roast Beef, a cherished gem within the heart of Portsmouth, NH! Our story is a delightful tapestry woven with mystery, having passed through various hands, each adding their own dash of flavor to the restaurant's vibrant history. While the original owners might remain elusive and tales of past ownership dance like whispers in the wind, the legacy of Hap's Roast Beef continues to thrive.

In January 2023, the culinary reins were taken over by Tyler Isabelle and Amanda Long. Taking the baton from the previous owner, who had breathed life back into these walls in 2020 after a hiatus, we are filled with excitement to etch our chapter into the chronicles of Hap's Roast Beef.

Witnessing the winds of change, we've embarked on a journey to refresh our identity, evolving from Hap's Roast Beef to the snappier 'Hap's.' While our roots remain grounded in the mastery of roast beef, our menu blooms with an array of delectable delights other than our mouthwatering beefs.

From finger-lickin' platters that transport you through layers of taste to our plans of kindling joy through catering and party pickups, Hap's is not just a restaurant – it's a celebration of flavors. With every dish, we blend our passion and unswerving dedication, striving to create an experience that dances on taste buds and lingers in hearts.

We extend an invitation to our cherished patrons to share their tales, stories, and tidbits from the golden age of Hap's before 2019. We would be overjoyed to learn more about our restaurant's history and our loyal customers' experiences over the years.

In this culinary symphony, your support resonates as the most melodious note. Thank you for joining us on this savory adventure.

Warm regards,

Tyler Isabelle & Amanda Long

Curators of Flavor, Hap's

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